Tasty & Delicious chicken curry recipe

Chicken curry recipe is the most popular non-veg recipe which is made with chicken. It is more popular in India & many Indians love to eat chicken curry. Because it is easy to make & tasty to eat. In India, this chicken curry is available in all the Dhabas & restaurant. And it is not that much expensive. If you want to prepare this delicious chicken curry recipe at home. So we are here to help you how you can prepare this delicious & most famous India recipe at home. Chicken curry doesn’t require too many ingredients. It required some basic ingredients which are easily available in Rasoya. Follow this basic step. I am sure you that by following this step you will cook delicious chicken curry.

Cooking Time – 40 min / Prepare time – 10 minutes / Calories – 544

Ingredients required to prepare chicken curry recipe

1  One kilogram chicken 

2  Two onion

3.  Half Cup tomato.

4.  One tablespoon ginger paste.

5.  One tablespoon garlic paste.

6.  One tablespoon garam masala powder.

7.  One tablespoon coriander powder.

8.  One tablespoon Kasoori methi powder.

9.  Two tablespoons vegetable Oil.

10.  Salt as required.

11.  Half handful of coriander leaves.

12.  One third lemon juice.

13.  Two half cup of water.

14.  Three red chilies (If you want)

15.  One cup cashews

16.  One tablespoon cumin seeds.

17.  One bay leaf.

How to cook chicken curry

chicken curry


Firstly wash chicken with clean water & keep it aside. Now take a non-stick pan & put little oil in it & let the oil burn. After that add whole spices in it like Cinnamon seeds & bay leaf. Let them cook until they start to crackle.


On the other hand, marinate chicken with salt, turmeric powder & lemon juice & keep it aside for 20-30 minute. Now use grinder & grind onion with a half cup of water after grind put it aside till it required. In a similar way prepare garlic paste & cashews paste & keep all these ingredients aside until it required.


Next step is to take a saucepan & mixed garlic paste & ginger paste into it for two minutes. After that add tomato to the pan & cook for another 2 minutes, meanwhile add salt into it & at last cover the pan.


Add marinated chicken in the gravy & let them cook for 15-20 minutes. After 15-20 minutes check chicken pieces are they cooked properly or not. If they cooked properly then add cashews into it. if you are interested then put 2,3 chili into it & cook for another 2 minutes.


Now almost your chicken curry recipe is ready now the last step is to add all masala into it – Garam masala, Coriander powder Kasuri methi, etc & mixed it properly. Let them on the frame for 5 minutes more. After that turn of the frame.

Now finally your chicken curry ready to eat & I believe it smells so good & tasty to eat. By eating this delicious chicken curry at home I believe you forget to purchase it from the market.

Nutrition Facts

Total fat = 11 g  /  Cholesterol = 74mg  Sodium = 73mg  /  Potasssium = 374mg  Total Carbohydrates = 7.5g  /  Protien28g

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