Paleo diet verus kito diet

Paleo diet Versus kito diet: Difference?

Today’s people are taking more interest in keto and paleo diet. More than 90 % of people are following a keto diet to become fit & to reduce their weight & also balance their hormones. So In this, we covered all the relevant information about the keto diet & paleo diet. Which is reasonable & how to take it, & also tell you about Benefit for each food & even its limitation & many more…

Before telling the difference between a paleo diet versus a keto diet, let’s understand both the diet individually.

What is the paleo diet?

paleo diet : Advantages & disadvantages
                                        Paleo Diet: Pros & Cons

A paleolithic diet is also called paleo diet & many people called it a caveman diet. This diet similarly means eating food that was available to humans during the paleolithic era before agriculture was established. In this, we are removing all the modern food that cause weight gain, High toxin level, Food allergies & any number of contemporary disease.

The Paleo diet came into existence since 1970. But it becomes popular in 2013. Earlier people can eat food by hunting & gathering of animals. But now hunting of animals is banned. But you can go through food like meat, seafood, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc. which are available in the market easily.

In the paleo diet, you can avoid all the agriculture food like grains, cheese butter, milk, refined sugar, etc..

Advantages of Paleo Diet

.   Paleo diet can help to reduce your weight. Because, it has low carbohydrates & sugar, which can help to regulate metabolism & lowers your blood sugar, which also reduces your gut & reduces systematic inflammation. Which ultimately burn your body fat naturally & sustainability.

. Improve digestion because during following paleo diet chart. You can avoid many foods, which can create a negative impact on your body. Like overeating sugar, too much of fast food, excess carbs this all things create a negative effect on your body.

.  Help in to gain lean muscles. Because in paleo diet we can consume more of protein. Which can fuel your muscles mass & also help you to lift heavy & develop your muscles toned physique

. Provide energy paleo diet encourage you to eat food which can fuel your body. During your paleo schedule, you can start your day by eating eggs & spinach or bacon & avocado, which can help to provide more energy to face a day.

Disadvantages of the paleo diet

. Firstly it was so expensive.

. In this, you can cut down grains, which is not good for your body and health.

. Eliminating entire food can cause a shortage of various nutrition & vitamins in your body.

. This diet doesn’t contain any legumes which are highly beneficial to your gut health & rich in magnesium.

What is a keto diet?

Keto Diet: Pros and Cons
 Keto Diet: Pros & Cons

Keto diet is the high fat & low carbs diet. In this it’s necessary that people consume more fat & cut down carbs, So the question arises if a people cut down their carbs intake. So from where they get energy throughout the day. So the answer is simple in keto diet our body takes fuel from the stored fat by creating molecules called ketones. Basically there is a various version available in keto diet .but generally, we are taking 75% of our daily calories from fat, 20% from protein & 5% through carbs. In keto we can consume food like egg, meat, poultry, cheese butter, nuts, fatty fish  &  also consume vegetable like tomatoes onion peppers, etc because it has low carbs & avoids food like bread, grains, pasta vegetables like corn, beans, carrots peas, potatoes & other root vegetables.

Advantages of a keto diet

.  Help in reduce your weight because in this you have to take a low amount of carbs & your body take energy by converting your fat.

.  Improve heart health if you follow this diet in a healthy manner so there are fewer chances that you have any heart problem. Because this diet improves heart health by reducing your body cholesterol level. 

. Many researchers prove that keto diet protects your brain functioning because this diet offers some neuroprotective benefits. One study even proves that children who follow keto diet had improved alertness & cognitive functioning.

.  Reduce cancer Sumption because keto diet reduces high blood sugar Because in ketosis diet we can reduce sugar consumption level which ultimately reduces insulin level which may be associated with some cancer.

Disadvantages of Keto diet

. Low carbs diet is not good for people- especially athletes because athletes required more fuel for day-today functioning & to achieve their goal

. Kidney & heart damage because during follow the keto diet your body can low electrolytes & flued. This may cause various kidney injury.  Are you know that electrolytes are necessary for normally beating of the heart low electrolytes in a body cause various heart disease.

. Keto diet increase cholesterol for certain people. Mostly we have seen that cholesterol level falls during weight loss but in some cases, it has seen the opposite their cholesterol level increase due to taking heavy nature of the diet. Well, this one is a genetic issue. Through this, we want to tell that this keto diet does not suit everyone.

. Following keto means taking low carbs & sugarBut according to health experts, carbs & sugar play an important role to keep our body healthy. According to them, Carbs & sugar provide energy & also help in the proper functioning of the brain. If you do not include these two things on our diet so you feel low energy & enable to focus on work.

Which one is best Keto Versus Paleo 

If you are going to weight loose. So paleo diet doesn’t help you much. This diet doesn’t guarantee that you will lose your weight. Basically, this diet emphasizes plenty of food to lose weight like lean protein, vegetables & fruits. But this is not enough to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories to drop your body weight. 

But if we talk about the keto diet in front of the paleo diet. So somehow keto is helpful to reduce weight. But it doesn’t mean that the ketosis diet is a magic diet or recipe of weight loss. According to health experts, people successfully lose weight on the keto diet because in this people tend to eat less. they stickily intake low calories because of the reduced cravings.

Finally, the winner is keto in terms of weight loss. this is proved from the above phrase that keto is much better than paleo in terms of weight loss. The question is that is it is good for overall health?


Which diet is better for overall health:  Paleo or Keto 

In terms of overall health, Paleo diet is the better option because firstly it is less restrictive secondly it includes plenty of fruits, vegetables & lean protein, Thirdly Paleo is a little bit easier or similar to modern approach somehow in this people doesn’t afraid of taking carbohydrates.

But when we talk about keto in front of paleo. So In keto people stop themselves from taking carbs. Because in the keto diet strictly avoid carbs. This develops an unhealthy relationship with food.

So if you talk about overall heath so paleo is the better option as compare to keto because it includes all the food group.

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