6 way to reduce your love handles

6 way to reduce your love handles

Love handles is the most difficult part of your abdominal area. Which everyone wants to reduce. There are many articles available on the internet which can provide information related to how to reduce your love handles easily. There are many different ways to reduce your love handles. Almost every article suggest the crunches & other abdominal moves that target the obliques.

However, it’s not the right way to reduce your love handles at all. To reduce your love handles you required a balanced diet, proper exercise & a good lifestyle.

My personal 6 methods which I personally follow to get rid of this insistence love handles are:


You want to reduce your love handles: Follow these 5 steps

1.  Cut Down Sugar intake

way to reduce your love handles

Is Cut down of sugar intake reduce your love handles? Yes, you are read that right. Cut down of sugar in your daily routine, help you to reduce your love handles & body fat. So the next question arises in the mind of people how sugar reduces our fat?. According to the expert’s study sugar is the substance which breaks & release glucose in our body & with the help of blood this glucose circulates in our whole body. Excess sugar release hormone called insulin & insulin help to store the little amount of sugar in our muscles & liver which is good. But they store a large amount of sugar in terms of fat which is bad for our body.

 So to reduce your love handles or body fat you should control your sugar intake.

The expert study said. A normal man should take the only 10/gram of sugar per day. More of that increase fat level or weight gain  & many diseases like dispatches, heart disease, etc.


2.  Consume healthy fat

5 Way to reduce your love handles

Again there is a question what is healthy fat & How healthy fat help to reduce our love handles. And there is meth among people that cut down consumption of fat can reduce your body fat or your love handles. But that’s not true at all. Fat also play some major role in our body. According to me better to cut down fat take healthy fat. And control on unhealthy fat. Because healthy fat gives our body energy & to support cell growth. Not only that they also help to protect your organ & keep your body warm.

By the way, fat is of 4 types: Saturated fats, Trans fats, Monounsaturated fats & lastly polyunsaturated fats. These fats can have a different effect on your cholesterol level. The bad fat like saturated fat & trans fat can raise bad cholesterol level. Whereas monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fat can lower bad cholesterol level & are beneficial when you consume as a part of a healthy dietary pattern.

From where you get healthy fat?  Almost every food which is available in the market gives you healthy fat. Here is some example of healthy fat: olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds & fatty fish are the best example of healthy fat. To get rid of your love handles take good & healthy fat other than that control on your fat taking percentage.



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3.  Control on Stress

Do you know chronic stress is the primary region of belly fat or love handles. Yes, what you read is absolutely right. More stress increase your belly fat & belly fat is the sigh of having something wrong in your body. So the main question arises how stress increases your love handles or your abdominal area (Belly fat). Because during stress You eat more, stress inhibits your ability to take rationale food choice, inhabits sleep, Altering Glycemic control, make you lazy, lowering energy level, etc. Now the reason why this all happen in our body during stress.

So what happens is when you are in stress your brain tells your adrenal gland to release a stress hormone called cortisol. And the purpose of cortisol is to release energy from a cell in the liver, fat & muscles tissue. Because at that time your body required much more energy to come out from that situation.

In short, we can say that during stress our body shutting down other unnecessary processes such as production or tissue repair in order to save our life. What happened more stress & long term stress increase your cortisol hormone that leads to a series of changes in your body. That makes a fat gain. So to fight again on your body fat or to reduce your love handles you should control on your stress level.


4.  Exercise

way to reduce your love handles

If you are not performing exercise Nothing works. whether you take good diet or follow all the above step or you can do anything else all is wastage. Because exercise is the only key which can burn your calories & when you burn more calories then only you overcome from your belly fat.

Now a days every single man are lazy. And they try to find the shortcut through which they can reduce our belly fat. To reduce our belly fat everyone tries different methods some take tablets, someone follows buti, etc many more. They believe that this worthless thing reduces their fat. But truth is that more intake of tablets are more harmful to our body & ultimately it also has many side effects.

Exercises like Prank, hanging knees up, cycling, running, etc. Are not only reduce your love handles or belly fat but also increase your body strength. This is the better time to change your habit believe in hard work never find the shortcut. Because the shortcut does not guarantee your success.


5.  Sufficient Sleep

how to reduce your love handles

Your body required proper rest after doing workout or exercise. Because resistance training breaks your body tissue. And your body required immediate recovery. So what happens is during sleep your body’s production of growth hormone is increased which ultimately helps us in repairing & rebuilding of muscles hormone.

Sufficient sleep not only helps to repair your tissue & muscles. But it also helps to decrease cortisol hormone in your body which is much responsible for your fat gain. Studies show that people who do not take sufficient sleep they gain more. As compared to the man who takes proper sleep. Somehow lack of sleep increase risk of diabetes & obesity also.

To prevent yourself from massive weight gain. Try to take a sleep of 7 to 8 hours every night. Because 7 to 8-hour sleep will provide you fresh energy. You not only feel energetic but also stress-free, active, tension-free, etc.

6.  Boost Your Protein Intake 

way to reduce your love handles

Try to boost your protein. Adding protein in your meal can help you to reduce your fat & maintain a healthy weight. Studies said that including protein in your diet are more effective than the diet that contains low protein. Mainly protein is useful for repair your muscles  & tissue after high-intensity workout & also maintain your goal weight once you have reached your goals. 

Mainly you can get protein from many sources. But the best high-quality source of protein are eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, seafood & meat.

Many of us or we can say that almost 90% population in the world are not taking a proper proportion of food in which we can get a proper amount of carbs, protein & fat. A balanced proportion of these three not only help us to reduce fat but also make us healthy & fit. Somehow we can say that diet is also an important factor to make us fit & healthy.

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