Teenage girl: 6 effective exercises

Teenage is the age when a child spends most of there times in classrooms, tuition, watch television, surf the internet or engage in many other secondary activities. Our fitness team has noticed that our new generation is no love for playing in the ground or physical activities. Rather they love to invest more time in mobiles phones, playing online games, chatting, etc. According to the US Department of health & human service. Teenagers should get at least 30-40 minutes of exercise per day to make them mentally & physically fit. According to physical experts. Exercise does not only make teenagers physically fit. But it also improves their IQ level, making them more creative, Develop them discipline quality, team spirit quality & more important the child feel fresh.

Exercises for teenage girl 

If we talk about the exercises for a teenage girl so they can perform all exercise accept the weight training if they want to do weight training they can use lightweight to perform it. According to experts, the teenage girl should more focus on moderate & vigorous exercises & also perform some strength to develop training. Now let’s talk about which type of exercise a teenage girl should perform to develop their strength as well as flexibility.

Side lying leg lift

Side Lying Raises

This side leg raises exercise strengthen & build up the muscles of the hips & its main target is to develop your abdominal muscles, obliques, thighs & glutes.

How to Do it

1.  Firstly Lie on the flow on the right side.

2.  Your left leg is resting on the top of the right legs.

3.  Then raise your left leg as high as you can & keeping it straight throughout return to it slowly.

4. Repeat the same to another side too. During the exercise keep in mind that you have good muscles & mind contraction.

5.  Perform a minimum of 2 sets or maximum 4 sets.

  Jumping Lunges

Jumping Lunges

The main target of this exercise is to lower body muscles. It helps to boost your heart rate. Muscles include in jumping lunges are quads, Glutes, hamstrings & carves. Before performing this exercise try to make your form correct & do that much only as far as your repetition come accurate.

How to Do it 

1.  Stand straight with your feet & your shoulder should width apart.

2.  Take a big step forward from the right legs.

3.  Lift your weight forward with the legs so your heel touches the floor. Then lower the body until the forward leg is parallel to the floor.

4.  Now jump up, Quickly switching the position with mid-air & your right leg goes behind & the left leg comes forward

5.  Gently land back to the floor without any injury.

6.  Repeat the movement by switching legs. On starting stage girls can perform 5 to10 raps its enough for that in the starting stage.

Cardio Squats

Cardio Squats

The main target of this exercise is Glades & hamstrings. On Starting stage you can perform this exercise 5 to 7 minutes. & to perform this exercise no specific equipment is need. The only thing required is one mat & shoes.

How to Do it 

1.  Stand with your feet a little bit wider than shoulder apart

2.  Try to keep more of your weight on your heel

3.  As you go down make sure your knees are lying with your ankle & try to push your hips all the way back  

4.  And squats straight down &  push your heel to stand right back.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope

This exercise is a very effective exercise. The main focus of this exercise is to burn your calories. Up to 30 min, it can burn your 480 calories.  According to science, skipping rope is not only burn calories but it also good for your brain, improve your bone density, etc. 

How to Do it 

To perform jump rope you don’t need much equipment you’re required only one rope.

1.  Stand on the middle of the rope 

2.  Pull the handle straight up making sure the rope is taut.

3.  For beginners, the top of the handle should reach close to the shoulder

4.  Check your rope the top handle of your rope should reach the nipple line. If it is beyond your shoulder, your rope needs to be shortened.

5.  Everything is ready. Now you can jump.

Plank Leg Raises

Plank Leg Raises

It is a full body exercise the main target of this exercise is on your core, legs glutes & shoulder. this exercise also improves the strengthens & tones of your body, boost your metabolism & also help to make you slim & fit.

How to Do it 

1. It is similar to a pushup. The position is almost the same but the weight on your forearms instead of your hands.

2.  Your core should be brace, your glutes should be clench & your body from head to heel should be straight.

3.  Now raise our right leg & hold it upto 1 second & perform the same from the left leg also and hold it also from 1 sec in the air.

4.  Repeat it again, a minimum of 10 reps for each side you can perform.

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